Services & Facilities

Shane Nichols Racing offers the following services:

  • Regular communication with owners on their horse’s well being, progress, training and racing plan
  • An honest assessment and prediction of the horse’s race day plans, including jockey instructions, predicted speed map scenarios and post race assay
  • Yearling and pre sale inspection and assessment
  • 24 / 7 attendance by stable staff at properties where horses are in training
  • Stable vet (Melbourne Equine Veterinary Group) and farrier on call at all times
  • Local agistment and pre-training services

Shane has access to the following private facilities:

• Spacious light filled boxes
• 8 Horse water walker
• 8 Horse walker
• Day yards
• High Speed Treadmill
• Sand roll
• Beach work and Pool
• Bull ring

In conjunction with the world class training facilities that are provided by Melbourne Racing Club at the Mornington Racecourse:

• 6 tracks including 3 sand tracks, 1 all weather, inside grass and course proper
• Steeple and hurdle courses
• Weekly Trials or Jump Outs